Boost Your Wireless Signal

We supply and fit a device that will give internet access all over your house, and garden

When you take a PC or tablet into the garden, your wireless signal disappears. I receive many calls from customers with this complaint, who also say that areas of their homes are internet blind spots. The solution is usually a ‘homeplug.’

The device looks like a light-switch timer, and does not require unsightly cables running everywhere because it works by tapping into your wireless router to send wireless signals via electricity cables to an adaptor placed in another area of the house – significantly boosting signals in ‘weaker’ areas.

I have my kitchen homeplug near the back door, so I can work in the garden. Therefore, homeplugs are good for giving internet access in rooms that are a distance from the wireless router.

For example, if you have your router in the front room, its signal can have many walls and ceilings to pass through if you are needing to use the web in a back room, or attic.

I can supply and fit a homeplug for you – configuring the SSID codes so they automatically pick up your phone or computer signals.

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