Speed Up Your Broadband

You might be able to obtain a quicker, less costly deal.

Fibre-optic broadband has been available to many Sheffielders for about three years, though not everyone makes use of it. Many Grapevine readers are using the same broadband supplier they originally signed up with, but it is worth a look at changing supplier to save money – and increase the connection speed.

There are usually two reasons why PC users do not change service providers. Either they do not know how to, or are worried they will have to pay a hefty ‘fine’ if they go elsewhere.

Service providers cannot charge you for leaving them – providing you are at the end of your contracted term.

If you are ready to move, here is what to do:

  1. Contact your service provider. Ask for a MAC, which is a Migration Authorisation Code. It will be provided within five days.
  2. Once you have the MAC, contact your new provider and place an order for your chosen package (you will need your MAC to do this). The new provider will provide you with an activation date for the transfer of your service.
  3. On the activation date, your broadband service will be transferred to your new provider. By upgrading to super-fast broadband you will have the option of accessing much higher speeds for a few extra pounds a month – it might even be cheaper.

Is it worth the trouble? Yes, and no.

Say ‘yes’ if there are three or four people in your house simultaneously using the internet to regularly stream features such as BBC iplayer/Lovefilm/Netflix, and for online gaming. Things could go up to ten times quicker with super-fast broadband, which will vastly improve the quality of online TV. Downloading movies will be far quicker.

But say ‘no’ if you only use your internet to surf, and send emails.

If your PC needs a new best friend, call us on 0333 900 6000.