Spy on your Cat and Dog

What are pussykins and the pooch up to while you are away from home? Find out by watching them from your smartphone.

Meet Bob! He is the three-month-old border terrier that recently became part of my household, writes Adrian Arksey. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, you will have noticed that users often post pictures and videos of their pets. It is now possible to use smartphones and computers to keep an eye on Fido and Felix.

Dog Watching. A webcam connects to your wireless router, allowing you to tune-in from a smartphone and see what your pets are up to. It can also be used for keeping an eye on your home .

Dog Following. A GPS tracking device is fitted to Fido’s collar, so that when he runs off you can track him down using a smartphone app available from Dog Tracker Plus. This application also measures how far your dog has walked in any one day, along with average speed.

Dog Doctor. Using a smartphone app you can monitor your dog’s vaccinations, medications, vet appointments, and more.

Dog TV Fame. Smartphones nowadays have decent cameras on them, so it is a good idea to make money from Fido by photographing/videoing him looking silly, cute, wet – and sending the clips to You’ve been Framed, which will pay £250 if your sequence is broadcast.

Dog Movie Maker. If you can’t be bothered to video your dog, why not let your dog make the movie? For an insight into Fido’s life, attach a collar-cam to your dog, Barking mad! But fun!

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