Data Cleansing


If you are about to sell, donate or recycle an old PC, read this first! Your computer contains lots of information. Information that can be used by criminals and hackers to steal your identity – e.g. passwords, bank details, photographs and more.

You may think that deleting the information from your hard drive, or even formatting your hard drive would do this – wrong. When you delete something, the space it occupied on your hard drive is merely marked for re-use. Until it is overwritten, the original file can still be resurrected.

By securely erasing your PC you can safely give away or dispose of your old computer without giving away all your personal information too.


Our service includes

  • Clearing your hard drive of ALL data using a system that is used by many government bodies.
  • Peace of mind that your hard drive is completely clear of any confidential information.
  • Certification (if required) that your hard drive has been securely erased.



Our Data Cleansing service is charged at a fixed rate of £35 for the first PC and £30 for each additional PC.

Further details can be found here.



On-site Support

On-site Support

Support in the comfort of your own home or office. We come to you so you can stay exactly where you are.

Off-site Support

Off-site Support

We'll take your computer back to our workshop, make it better again and then we'll bring it back to you.

Remote support

Remote support

You don't even need to leave your chair. We can take care of the problem without coming to see you.